crisps / tuna and candy cane


jaysus chroist / fud / BNguy

forbidden image 1 and 2

the art of blasphemy zine

small clay sculptures

drone machine

project slogan art gallery

beats n forts

paperchain-a-thon 2010

buy art and money is cheaper

heart book

of the clock


you're adopted

try harder earn points

look mum I'm a famous fucking artist

walkie talkies

on / on more

proposal for union terrace gardens, aberdeen

proposal for aberdeen quarry

buy and the supersonic ad contingent featuring product A

rabbit on skis / girl gives strange baby massive gift

all modes on

you can do it

he secret information I've kept from you all this time

the sign of a great sharpener is that it sharpens really well

press play and record

commissioned wall pieces